Medical technology

Laser material processing for the medical technology sector constitutes a special challenge for the contract manufacturers and mechanical engineers: Smooth surfaces ensuring clinical cleanliness and non-breaking connections.

The laser beam as tool is ideally suited for processing sophisticated components. Minimum production tolerances ensure a constantly high level of product quality. As a result of the low energy input, the components can be processed with almost no distortion.

However, in order to achieve the optimum when processing the workpiece, new, innovative control solutions are necessary. At Laservorm, we are constantly working on new control concepts and thus on the solution of problems.


  • Surgical instruments - forceps, retractors, bone saws (welding, smoothing)
  • Instruments of the minimally invasive surgery - endoscope components (welding)
  • (Neuro-surgical) implants (welding, smoothing)
  • Battery cases (welding)
  • Surgery needles (welding)
  • Suction tubes (welding, cladding)