LV®Tracing now also user configurable

LV®Tracing now also user configurable

What is happening in my laser machine? LV®Tracing offers you a simple solution without the need for an extra data logger that has to be installed afterwards.

Customers who already use LV®Tracing in their laser machines appreciate the advantages of the system. All process data are recorded with microsecond precision. Questions such as 'How strongly did the laser actually act and at what feed rate?' can thus be answered accurately. What is special about this is that not only data such as laser power is recorded, but also the exact coordinates of where the laser beam hit the component. This means that the process can be fully traced even in retrospect.

The latest generation of LV®Tracing now also enables user configurability. This means that each trace can be individually adapted to the task at hand. Especially in the R&D area or during the start-up of new laser processes, this is a convenient tool for achieving good results quickly and efficiently.

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Graphical representation of tracing data using the example of bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells

ultra thin bipolar plate
Graphical representation of tracing data with reference to material coordinates
Graphical representation in relation to the bipolar plate

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