LASERVORM is now partner of the umati community

LASERVORM is now partner of the umati community

There’s no better connection than a common language – which is also true for machinery.

LASERVORM has been following the development of a common standard for the interface of machines and customer-specific IT systems within and outside of the production environment (MES, ERP, Cloud, ...) for several years.

With umati (universal machine technology interface), a community of the machine building industries and their customers has been established for the promotion and adoption of open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA by VDW.

An important component of the umati interface are the predefined basic standards, which exchange important parameters via standardised interface. The parameter based on different use cases for example the operating status of the machine or the overview of the production order. Beyond that, however, umati has the possibility of specific extensions, which makes it usable for the most diverse and individual machines.

We at LASERVORM have very high hopes and expectations for this standardised interface solution and want to equip our laser machines with this interface in the future. This will significantly simplify the workload of our software development. The previously very time-consuming individually programmed solutions for the data connection of our laser machines via proprietary interfaces to higher-level systems should thus be reduced to a minimum. At the same time, our customers can use this interface to ensure that the integration into their systems functions without any problems. This will enable machine construction projects to be realised faster and more efficiently in the future.

We have taken the first step by joining the umati community. Our software developers are currently working on equipping a first demonstrator with the umati interface, which we would like to present this year.

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