Watching a process first-hand - an important characteristic for information gathering and quality assurance. Thanks to the patented action mechanism, this window recognises a possibly occurring, dangerous irradiation by e.g. the fibre laser or disc laser.
Before the window is strained considerably, the laser switches off safely - so you can continue to watch and produce.

Thanks to the powder nozzle developed by LASERVORM it is possible for the cladding process to bring the powder beam to the machining position in an even closer and more accurate manner. This is made possible by an internal high-pressure-cooling up to the tip of the nozzle which ensures the durability of the nozzle.

Through several diagonal powder outlets with an optimised equal distribution of the individual powder streams, it is possible to coat multidirectionally.

A thin wire feeder with virtually unlimited flexibility. Wires with thicknesses between 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm are not only precisely dosed; thanks to the integrated 3-axis motion system, they can also be fed position-controlled by a motor - in connection with image processing it is THE tool for automated welding with filler wire.

A very compact, robust single-axis scanner for the assembly in front of processing optics. The unit is dust-proof (also in disassembled condition) in order to prevent frequent assembly and disassembly processes from damaging the optical components. Depending on the design of the CNC of the laser machine, it is possible to realise a solution with independent control (Industrial bus for superior CNC) or a solution with complete CNC integration.

The LV®SpinScan is a two-axis piezo-driven tilt mirror system. With this system, the lase beam can be deflected with high-frequency – along and across the feed direction. In addition, it is possible to define the laser power in each point of the deflection contour.

With this new component, the beam quality (focal spot dimensions and power density distribution) on the workpiece surface becomes de facto influenceable via programme.

The smaller and smaller focal spots of the modern fibre or disc lasers are leading to increasing power densities at the workpiece and therefore increasing processing speeds. This fact which is perfectly positive for the production, challenges engineering in two ways: higher speeds and accelerations together with increasing requirements to the path accuracy of the motion system. LV CBase is LASERVORM’s answer to this challenge.

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