LV Flex

Compact, ergonomic CNC fine welding machine with manual welding option

The LV Flex sets new standards in medical technology and precision engineering. This highly flexible, compact CNC precision welding machine with up to five axes combines fully automated laser precision welding with precise and safe manual welding.

The LV Flex impresses with its compact design with dimensions of 895 mm x 1100 mm x 1700 mm and offers a unique combination of flexibility and functionality. The machine can be converted from a fully automatic CNC system into an ergonomic manual welding station in just a few simple steps. This enables versatile use and easy adaptation to different working environments and tasks.

The machine impresses with ergonomic adjustment options for the working height, flexible operating locations and a variable, feature-rich control system. These features make the LV Flex a true all-rounder in the smallest of spaces.

The LV Flex combines all the advantages of LASERVORM laser machines for medical technology. From adaptive processing, both automatic and manual, to the NC-integrated logging function for precise traceability to the PMS market surveillance system and MDR-compliant production of customer components thanks to non-contact laser processes, the LV Flex provides the right solutions for most challenges.


Technical data
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 895 mm x 1100 mm x 1700 mm ... 2000 mm
  • Repeatability: <± 0,02 mm
  • Travaling range X x Y x Z: 210 mm x 110 mm x 110 mm
  • Workspace X x Y x Z: 850 mm x 350 mm x 340 mm

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Laseranlage LV Flex


What makes the LV Flex a true all-rounder?

Flexible height adjustment

The LV Flex enables a seamless change between standing and sitting workstations at the touch of a button. The working height can be quickly adjusted using spindle-driven lifting columns, which supports ergonomic working both when seated and standing. Simple adaptation to different operators by saving individual height settings also increases flexibility and user-friendliness.

Flexible control solutions

The LV Flex uses a highly developed control technology based on the reliable and proven basic machines such as the LV Midi. This technology enables extremely precise control of the machine components with a jitter of less than one microsecond, resulting in optimally synchronized laser pulsing during dynamic motion phases. The integrated logging and tracing functions facilitate monitoring and error analysis as well as stress-free traceability during market surveillance (PMS).

Flexible welding technology

Thanks to its advanced fiber laser technology, the LV Flex supports continuous, pulsed and modulated operation with a power range from 15 to 1500 watts. This versatility enables precise laser welding on various materials such as stainless steel, Phynox and titanium with welding depths of over 1 mm and seam widths down to 75 µm.

Flexible workspace

The working area of the LV Flex is designed in such a way that even bulky or long filigree assemblies can be laser-welded safely in the closed machine, which was previously often only possible in open systems. Two versions of the machine table - an aluminum T-slot plate and a high-strength aluminum precision milling plate - offer additional customization options depending on the application requirements.

Flexible equipment

The LV Flex is equipped with a precise XYZ linear system as standard. In addition, two additional axes are prepared electronically and on the control side, e.g. for a rotary axis or a swivel unit. These can be activated without additional service effort by simple mechanical and electrical integration.

Flexible type of use

The LV Flex supports both fully automatic CNC-controlled fine welding and precise manual laser welding. Equipped with a motor-driven lifting door, it can be extended with a manual intervention element with minimal effort. An ergonomic and monitor-based observation solution also ensures the most precise manual work, guaranteeing optimum visibility and precision during the welding process.

Flexible installation site

Thanks to the mechanical decoupling of the base frame and work area and the roller feet, the LV Flex can be moved effortlessly without the need for re-validation. It fits through standard doors and can be operated using a simple 230-volt safety socket, which enables uncomplicated "plug-and-play" operation.

Variations of the LV Flex

The LV Flex can be used flexibly as a standing or seated workstation and as a CNC or manual welding station