Automotive engineering

Efficiency, innovation and a resource-saving production are the main factors for the success in Automotive Engineering. Laser technology offers many different possibilities for automotive engineers and suppliers to optimise production. Whether cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles or agricultural engines - LASERVORM is your partner for laser processing, technology development and laser engineering.
A universal machine for diverse applications or a special-purpose laser machine, we will design your laser system. We know the requirements of the automotive industry in detail: We will integrate the laser process into your production line and will give you advice on the selection of the technology, laser type and equipment. Furthermore, we will offer you extensive maintenance and service performances.
Use laser welding for components of mechanical gear components, shift-forks, gearshift lever shafts, coupling parts or moment-transmitting parts, surface hardening or wear protection coating of heavily loaded component areas, the creation of joints on welding-critical materials, and much more. Benefit from our customer service: we are providing additional services such as the cleaning of parts with ultrasound, assembly and press-in procedures, reports (ISIR, machine capability study, process capability study) and inspections (metallographic cross-section polish, strength tests, hardness measurements etc.). We are certified to ISO 9001 and we are mostly working in compliance with ISO 14000 or TS standards.


  • Shift forks, gearshift lever shafts (welding, cutting, hardening)
  • Coupling components (welding, hardening)
  • Power-transmitting components (welding, also with wire or powder feed)
  • Baulk rings (welding)
  • Exhaust gas components (welding)