Pharmaceutical industry

A clean matter - safety and cleanliness are the priorities in pharmaceutical production. This is why the contactless laser offers many possibilities for this industry. As the only supplier worldwide, we are offering to pharmaceutical producers a special-purpose machine solution for the sterile opening of eggs. Use the innovating potential of the laser: we will assist you from the first idea up to the realisation of the project.

Innovative technology - we have developed special laser cutting systems for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The technology for the precise and sterile opening of hatching eggs is used for the production of vaccines and has established worldwide. A powerful CO2-laser is installed in the core of the machine which is able to open several thousand eggs per hour without touching them.

Bespoke machine solutions - LASERVORM manufactures special-purpose machines for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the output quantity, size and working space, we will develop a customised machine for you.

Quality and service - we will support you with our know how for the planning, installation and commissioning of your laser system. Furthermore, our specialists take care of the coordination with the manufacturers of clean-benches, LAF-systems and RABS and will offer you comprehensive services with regards to validation, verification and documentation.