Partners and memberships

VDMA - German Engineering Federation

Under the professional association Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems, the committee Laser and Laser Systems for material processing is our home at the central organisation.

DVS - German Welding Society

We have been a DVS member since November 2017!

DVS is the leading association for questions concerning joining, cutting and coating of metallic and non-metallic materials.

The association is the contact for research and development, education and training, testing, certification, quality assurance, consulting and appraisal, technology transfer, standardization, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and resource conservation, and also serves as the ideal sponsor of the international trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN.

LIM - Laser Institute Middle Saxony

Research and development in the specialist area laser and laser material processing have a long tradition in Mittweida. Here, many of our current employees have enjoyed a comprehensive university education and were able to gain experience through their commitment in sophisticated R&D issues.

umati - universal machine technology interface

LASERVORM is partner of the umati communitysince 2022.

With umati (universal machine technology interface), a community of the machine building industries and their customers has been established for the promotion and adoption of open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA by VDW.

LASERVORM want to equip our laser machines with this interface umati in the future.

HZwo e. V.

The Saxony innovation cluster for fuel cell and hydrogen technolgy.

Task group “School & Economy” of Central Saxony Mittweida region

The task groups “School & Economy” in the district of Central Saxony promote the dialogue between teachers and students with the regional economy. In the regions Döbeln, Freiberg and Mittweida, the task groups' work is characterised by focussing on the keys aspects. Thus, regional offers of the occupational and university studies orientation reach the protagonists both directly and at an early stage. In addition, the main focus is on getting to know the regional economic structure.

AMZ – Association Initiative of Automotive Suppliers in Saxony

Laser technology – This is what we offer in the Saxon network of the automotive suppliers.

GRAVOmer - The competence network for microstructured surfaces

As a network, GRAVOmer bundles competencies on materials, structures and processes for the processing of surfaces. GRAVOmer actively shapes the process between the requirements of the users and the concentration of the appropriate and necessary technological competences. Users find in GRAVOmer the partner for the development of innovative surfaces according to their specific requirements. Members benefit from GRAVOmer as a hotbed of innovation, from innovation strategy to support in innovation processes. In addition, GRAVOmer supports the development of technical and innovation competence through a training and further education academy. Thus GRAVOmer contributes to more innovation and added value in the member companies and thus also within the region of Central Germany.

WirePrint network

LASERVORM becomes part of the WirePrint network. The aim of this network is to open up new areas of application for 3D wire printing and to increase the industrial application range of the technologies. LASERVORM contributes with know-how on LASER machine construction and LASER technology. This applies in particular to our many years of experience in the acquisition and processing of process and component data in real time.