LV base machines

LV base machines more than standard ... individually adaptable ... easy to operate ... mature technology

The base machines from LASERVORM embody the extensive expertise gained from 30 years of experience in laser material processing and laser machine construction. They are more than just standard machines; they combine comprehensive knowledge in laser technologies with exceptional flexibility in equipment, all at an impressive price-performance ratio.

Take advantage of the potential of a constantly growing selection of equipment variants and customize your base machine to suit your specific needs. Whether you want a rotary indexing machine to optimise cycle times or a universal machine for a wide range of products - the choice is yours when it comes to equipment. Consider options such as a 5-axis setup with a rotary-swivel unit, quick-change clamping device, machining table, tailstock with adjustable clamping force, and much more.

Here are some outstanding features of LASERVORM base machines

wide laser process range
  • a single machine can be used for build-up laser welding, laser welding, laser hardening and, in special cases, laser cutting.
high flexibility
  • the machines can be individually adapted to the most diverse requirements.
modular system
  • thanks to configured equipment variants, the modular system enables an effective planning phase.
broad range of applications
  • the machines can process individual products, product families as well as the entire product portfolio
reliability and user-friendliness
  • the integration of all control systems into the CNC control ensures error-free and effortless operation
laser technology consulting included
  • we offer comprehensive support in developing the optimum technology for individual laser processing, including sample production.
  • for more than 10 years, we promise full functionality and retooling for new tasks.
comprehensive after-sales service
  • thanks to remote maintenance and the availability of qualified mechanics on site, LASERVORM offers fast support for maintenance and repair work without major downtimes.
diverse laser source
  • the LV base machines allow the use of laser sources from various manufacturers, which can be individually integrated depending on requirements and application area.


LV Mini

For the small fine things.

Fine welding and fine cutting on only one square metre of floor space.

LV Midi


highly sophisticated 3D processing processes in welding, hardening and cladding.

LV MidiX

Space wonder.

Optimised working space for large-format components