LV Mini

Precision welding and precision cutting on an installation area of just one square metre

The LV Mini is an ultra-flexible laser processing machine which is particularly suitable for quick and convenient processing of many different small workpieces with complex component geometries or even fine structures.

High-precision linear and rotation axes guarantee highest precision and repeatability – the most important basic requirements for efficient laser processing processes in the range of small and medium-sized quantities. Due to the fact that the LV Mini is particularly suitable for welding and precision cutting applications, it is possible to achieve connections and cuts which have a precise tolerance and are visually appealing.

Your advantages
  • Variable equipment with 3- to 5-axis NC system
  • Very good accessibility and ergonomics due to "door opening across the corner".
  • Two versions available: as a standing workstation with a storage space of only 1m2 or as a seated workstation with loading table
  • especially for applications in medical technology, sensor technology and precision engineering
  • Laser marking as a practical additional benefit
  • Control highlights simplify operation and improve welding and cutting results
Technical data
  • Travaling range X x Y x Z: 280 mm x 170 mm x 210 mm
  • Workspace X x Y x Z: 600 mm x 600 mm x 300 mm
  • Dimensions standing workstation (W x D x H): 900 mm x 1000 mm x 2400 mm
  • Dimensions seated workstation (W x D x H): 1750 mm x 1000 mm x 2050 mm
  • Feed rate: 0 … 10 m/min
4-axis system
  • Various rotary axes are available
  • features include:
  • Centre passage in different dimensions
  • different drives, direct-driven rotary axes up to multi-stage gear versions (very slow to fast speeds)
  • various clamping devices: gripper systems (electric or pneumatic), three-jaw chucks, grooved plates
  • cylinder surface transformation/ 4-axis transformation
5-axis system
  • Various rotary-pivot axes are available,
  • Features include, for example:
  • A-axis (rotation around X-axis) ± 90°.
  • C-axis (rotation around Z-axis) n*360°
  • effective machining of free-formed surfaces through optimal 5-axis transformation (export restrictions)
Laser sources

The LV Mini is designed for operation with fibre-coupled laser sources up to 500 W average power (up to 1 kW depending on the application). Ask us about the suitable laser source for your application! Laser sources from the following suppliers are often used depending on the application:

  • Lasers of the TruPulse series from Trumpf

  • QCW and single-mode laser sources from IPG Laser

Processing optics

Various optics configurations are used for the processing optics, depending on the application. For example, the basis is:

  • processing optics of the BEO series from Trumpf
  • processing optics from Precitec

The following optional extras are available:

  • Manual optics tilting, e.g. 0...90°.
  • laser beam conversion with LV SpinScan
Process monitoring

A camera image with crosshairs is available to the user of our machines as standard, for example for set-up processes.

  • Optional: Integrated image processing system for automatic correction of fixture and component tolerances.
  • Optional: Display of process monitoring via a separate display (optionally integrated in the operating panel or external)
further equipment
  • Various media assemblies (electric or manual) for protective gas and compressed air
  • Remote maintenance licence
  • MES via OPC UA (soon with Umati interface)
  • Data backup
  • Tracing functions
  • External laser power measurement
  • Seat version with a welded steel construction has adjustable rollers, so the machine can be operated at any location

Flyer LV Mini

Product video