Laser cladding

Laser cladding is used for the production of partial wear-protection areas made of different metals / alloys or for the production of functional layers for friction bearings, heat protection, for the creation of new component areas.

Since 1994, we have been using these processes from "Micro" to "Macro", with the spectrum of components ranging from medical devices with wall thicknesses of few 0.1mm up to applied surfaces of a few square decimetres and layer thicknesses of several millimetres.

Besides an extensive wealth of experience with the technology of laser cladding with wire and powder feed, we have also developed solutions for quality assurance in high-volume applications. Here you can find further information on our job order production offers.

We are qualified by SIEMENS AG / Power Generation for regeneration welding on power plant turbine blades. The new dimension of technological freedom: Laser cladding beads vary in terms of welding cross-section width and height in wide ranges in real time thanks to LV LineScan and broad beam powder nozzle. For tool and mould making, we carry out correction and repair work on components with the filler materials powder or wire.


Job order production