Laser welding

High-strength join connections with visually appealing weld seams

With the process of laser welding, we create precision seams on components made of metal at high speeds. Pulsed and continuously beaming lasers with a high beam quality up to 3.5kW-cw and 7kW-pw capacity are at our disposal. With this, we can achieve, for example, the following welding depths: in steel up to 8 mm, in aluminium alloys up to approx. 3 mm, in titanium up to 8 mm. Here you can find further information on our job order production offers.

In fine welding, we achieve seam widths of as low as 0.1 millimetres. Joints on welding-critical materials (such as sinter materials or ceramic) as well as high-quality welding joints (e.g. helium-proof) can be effected on a wide range of materials. Examples for weldable materials: copper alloys (also coated), platinum, zinc-coated steel sheet, tungsten, aluminium oxide ceramics, plastics and others. We are welding in compliance with DIN, e.g. according to the Pressure Vessels Directive and we have available a comprehensive range of possibilities for process documentation such as performance transcripts, weld beam monitoring and quality monitoring by means of modern image processing.


Job order production