Quality assurance

Length measurement

With the help of various manual and electrical measurement and testing devices we are able to determine lengths, positions, shapes, concentricity and other values associated with length measurement.

Metallography equipment

A complete metallography equipment from wet separating cutting, embedding to grinding and polishing grades, etching processes and the evaluation with different microscopes is an important requirement for development tasks but also for routine tests.

Hardness measurement

With stationary (Vickers micro and small load) and portable (dynamic) measuring technologies, we are able to determine measuring values. Especially for surface hardening processes, a spatially resolved micro load hardness measurement is necessary in order to obtain clear statements on the hardness profile.

Force measurement technology

Various devices for the testing and measuring of component with regard to compressive and tensile strength - typically used for yield force measurements on welded joints.

Dye penetration test (PT)

In order to detect pores or cracks, our qualified testing staff makes use of dye penetration tests (red-white test, UV).

Cross-linked and database-assisted documentation

Measurement and analysis results are archived together with process data and can be assigned - in the long term - to batches or even individual workpieces through the PPC and ERP.

Time-Temperature Measurement

Laser-based heat treatment processes are recorded and controlled with contact and non-contact measuring sensor technology up to pyrometer matrix camera and a time resolution of less than one millisecond.